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Allan and Amanda Grant

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Mina's Story

During my quest to uncover inmates buried on the House of Refuge property, I came face to face with a different kind of story. Sarah Mina Empey was not a senior, but a 29-year-old pregnant woman who arrived at the facility with a 3-year-old son. What makes Mina's story so facinating, is that she was the opposite of most people who stayed in the House of Refuge: she was young, she gave birth to a child and left the facility. Many of the elderly souls who arrived there, would eventually die in the House of Refuge. 

Mina's Children

1 - Mina's first child would have been born in 1912 - This can be assumed by calculating year of admittance to the House of Refuge and subtracting the child's age (3 years old in 1915).
2 - Mina's second child was born on June 12 1915, in the House of Refuge and died there 16 days later.

After spending time at the House of Refuge, Mina would eventually find employment with the Grant family. Mina remained as a servant for Allan and Amanda Grant until her dying day. 

I have met with one of Mina's nieces. She is unable to tell me about Mina's children, because she never knew about them - I am hoping someone from the Grant or Adams families will be able to tell me more. (Maybe someone will remember something that had been said in the household, or might have known the family).

The Grant Family
Below are the details I have discovered on this family:

Allan Grant married Amanda Ann Adams on July 28 1886.

Allan Grant was born on January 25th 1852, to proud parents George Grant and Jane (née Martin) Grant. He died September 8th 1943 at age 91.

Allan Grant's mother Jane Martin was born on March 13th 1820 in Scotland.

Other children of George Grant and Jane (née Martin) Grant (Siblings of Allan Grant):

Edwin M. Grant (1845 - ___?___).

Edwin M. Grant married Clarissa Morgan (daughter of John S. and Catherine Morgan) in 1870.

Children of Edwin and Clarissa Grant:

1 - Frank Milton Grant (1874 - May 17th 1880).
2 - Elbert Clinton (1877 - 1880).

Ida Grant (July 13th 1858 - ___?___).

Jemima E. Grant (1861 - ___?___).

Jemima E. Grant married W.A.J. Campbell, September 30th 1890. 

There is a connection with their marriage, to an Empey. I have made an assumption that this may be how Mina and the Grant's were introduced.

Here is the record on Jemima and W.A.J. Campbell:

011316-90 W.A. J. CAMPBELL, 53, Wid, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Jas CAMPBELL & Cath EMPEY; married Jemima E. GRANT, 29, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o George GRANT & Jane MARTIN; witn Allen GRANT & Ellie MARTIN, both Osnabruck, 30 Sept 1890, Osnabruck.

The Adams Family

Below are the details I have discovered on this family:

Amanda Ann Adams was born on July 5th 1858, to proud parents Captain John J. Adams and Caroline (née Eamon) Adams. She would die at 74 years old, on April 24th 1932.

Amanda Ann Adams' father, Captain John J. Adams, was born on July 3rd 1822 and would die 95 years later on June 13th 1917.

Amanda Ann Adams' mother, Caroline Eamon, was born on March 20th 1825 and would die 66 years later on December 24th 1890.

Other children of Captain John J. Adams and Caroline (née Eamon) Adams (Siblings of Amanda Ann Grant):

Joseph Adams (September 8th 1844 - April 16 1906).
Mary Agnes Adams (May 16th 1847 - July 5th 1910).
James William Adams (June 16 1851 - December 16th 1871).
Sarah Elizabeth Adams (October 1st 1848 - March 27th 1917).
Edith C. Adams (March 30th 1850 - 1926).
Hannah Catherine Adams (July 12th 1853 - December 17th 1881).
Caroline Adams (August 23rd 1855 - April 24th 1940).
Alice Martha Adams (September 16th 1860 - December 22nd 1923).
John Gideon Adams (April 17th 1863 - October 6th 1945).
Charles Allen Adams (Died as infant) (October 22nd 1865 - December 6th 1865).
Henry Edgar Adams (Died as infant) (December 25th 1866 - February 13th 1868).

** If anyone knows any information on this family, or if you are related to anyone mentioned above, please contact me.
I would love to fill in blanks. **